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I'm Kayla. Wife, Boy Mom, Private Editor, Educator.

I am a Photographer turned Private Editor. Every time I picked up my camera, I absolutely loved it. However, my most favorite part was going home after a long day of shooting to cull and edit into the late night. After chatting with other photographers, I soon realized this wasn't the norm. And so began my venture into the world of Private Editing. 

My love language is acts of service so helping make your life easier and more enjoyable is what truly fills my cup.



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For the busy photographer who wants to gain back time and elevate their client experience by taking editing off their to-do list.

For the aspiring editor that wants to start and grow their business or the already established editor wanting to grow and improve their business. 

Courses, templates, products and freebies created to help you and your business weather you're a photographer or an editor.

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