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I'm Kayla. Wife, Boy Mom, Private Editor, Educator + Photographer.

I am a Photographer turned Private Editor.  I grew my business to 6 figures with a team of 6 associate editors in 2 years. Today, I run 2 businesses as an editor and a photographer!

Mini Session with Lomeli Family in Apache Junction, AZ


After moving to Arizona in June, I joined some groups on Facebook for Arizona Photographers to find locations for shooting here. I needed to find the best spots for all my sessions and mini sessions.

Not long after joining one group, Robin posted asking for a photographer. Robin and her family live in California and had a trip planned to Arizona and wanted to have some family photos captured while in town. As luck would have it, I was holding model calls for Family Mini Sessions. After talking to Robin, she booked and we planned her session. The best part? She is also a photographer! It’s always a little nerve wracking photographing another photographer but also, I know they’re going to be prepared.

Fast forward to the session, Robin and her kids show up looking as cute as ever. They were out of the car for maybe two minutes before little Ryker took off running and took a tumble. And when I say “tumble” I mean he fell, he rolled and it was hard. My camera wasn’t even out of my bag yet and I thought we were done with the session. I saw a hospital trip in their future. I don’t know how she did it but Robin calmly picked up her screaming child and calmed him down pretty quickly. There is nothing like a Mother’s touch.

After a few minutes of bribery, Ryker wanted nothing to do with photos so we started without him. I think he saw all the fun his Mom and big sister, Kaitlyn were having and was soon ready to join in. And I am so happy he did because him and his sister were just adorable together and had so much fun playing games with me!

I am so thankful I joined that photography group and Robin trusted me with her families photos!

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