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I'm Kayla. Wife, Boy Mom, Private Editor, Educator + Photographer.

I am a Photographer turned Private Editor.  I grew my business to 6 figures with a team of 6 associate editors in 2 years. Today, I run 2 businesses as an editor and a photographer!

Salas Family Family Photo Session


When Shelbi reached out to me to ask if I would photograph her Family, I was so excited and very quickly said “YES!” Shelbi and her family have been in front of my camera since I first got my camera. Like before I even knew how to use my camera with manual settings.

I was there to capture Brandons surprise proposal to Shelbi in Palm Springs. I then went on photographed their courthouse wedding, 2 maternity sessions, 1 birth, 2 newborns and now this session. They just keep coming back and I am complaining. The love Shelbi and Brandon have for each other and their 3 children makes photographing them a joy! Not to mention, all of their previous sessions were in California before I moved. The fact that they drove 5 hours for their family photos, warms my heart.

The Riparian Preserve in Gilbert was the perfect spot for us to go because those cacti are so dreamy. We did an early morning session to accommodate good sleep for the 2 littles. The baby, McKenna just started walk shortly before our session together so of course, we had to make sure to showcase her new skill! And my goodness, was she walking all over the place and so proud of herself!

Then we have Matthew, the sweetest little boy ever! I was there to film and photograph his birth so he holds a special place in my heart. He brought his cowboy hat, boots and rope and made the cutest little cowboy for his photos! His little smile melts my heart like a popsicle.

I can’t forget about big sister, Gracelyn. She was is so attentive to her little siblings and loves to love on them. She did a great job at keeping the littles entertained while we got some sweet photos of just Mom and Dad.

I don’t know if its because their family is complete, or that my photography skills are improving, but these are my favorite photos of them to date! The Salas family is making a big move to Tennessee and I am going to miss them dearly! Maybe I’ll have to make a trip to Tennessee to keep photographing all their precious milestones as a family!

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