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Thank you for your inquiry. I aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours Monday - Friday. If you do not hear from me, please check your spam or email me hello@kaylabeachnau.com.

Sometimes the email address entered in the contact form is spelled incorrectly.

please check out the faq below!

All your questions answered here

How do we send photos to each other?

What program do you use to edit?

Will you use my custom preset?

What is the turn around time?

Do you only edit weddings?

What style do you edit for?

Is there a minimum?

Do you offer culling?

We will send photos using Smart Previews. It is a pretty simple process that makes sending photos much quicker. We will use Google Drive to send to one another

No way! I know so many editors will only edit weddings, but I will absolutely edit all your sessions.

I took all my education from Katelyn James and Amy & Jordan. While I love those styles, I can replicate your style no matter what it is. None of my photographers edit the same.

100% As a matter of fact. most of my clients do use their own presets.

I will edit as many or as few photos as you need. For any catalog there is a minimum fee of $70

I use Lightroom  Classic to edit photos. I always keep my Lightroom updated to the newest version.

Yes! In fact, I love culling as well. It saves you EVEN MORE time and I can cull from an unbiased point of view, which can really help if you're an over deliverer.

Unlike other editors, I do not operate on a "one size fits all" delivery time. Every photographer has their own goals and that is how we determine delivery dates

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